FastBridge Includes Spanish Assessments


FastBridge Learning is continually innovating and developing new assessments. It recently expanded its list of assessment tools to include Spanish assessments for earlyReading and CBMReading.


Uniquely Developed for Spanish

The FastBridge Spanish assessment materials have been developed by bilingual researchers, in collaboration with native Spanish-speaking teachers and literacy leaders.

Unlike many other assessments in early reading in Spanish, these tools were not translated from English protocols; nor were they based on a model of English reading development. Rather, they were constructed in consideration of early-reading milestones in Spanish.


Reviewed and Verified

Native Spanish-speaking educators, who were also knowledgeable about the continuum of early literacy learning in Spanish, checked the final product to ensure that items and passages were not only linguistically accurate and flowed smoothly, but were also age appropriate.

This has led to a set of assessment materials that pass muster on both measurement development standards and also has face validity with educators.


Spanish Development Milestones

The development of early reading in Spanish is similar, but not precisely the same as the combination of skills that impact English reading development. For example, rhyming in Spanish is less based on changing the onset of an onset-rime pair, and more related to the vowels and stress present in a given word.  

In another example, unlike English, reading development in Spanish may progress by learning vowels prior to consonants. The FastBridge Spanish assessment takes these variations into account rather than applying an English developmental model directly onto the Spanish language system.

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