View the complete results of CDE's decision here.

The State of Colorado appealed to interim assessment providers for universal screening and progress monitoring as part of the Colorado READ Act. Of the 14 publishers that submitted their assessments to the state, FAST was among just a few that were selected.

FastBridge is pleased that the Colorado Department of Education values the quality of our assessments

When asked about the results, Quinn Montgomery, General Manager of FastBridge, said, "We're really pleased to be accepted in Colorado.  The fact that FastBridge assessments are so strongly research-based underscores their value as accurate, reliable and valid tools for teachers as part of the FastBridge Universal Screening and Progress Monitoring system. FastBridge is proud to be on the approved list of assessments for Colorado, edging out many popular systems that were not approved."

*Note that the FastBridge measures in Spanish are still under review by CDE


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