FastBridge is excited to announce the release of it's Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener (SAEBRS) as a brief and efficient tool to universally screen students individually, or by class, grade, or school for risk for social-emotional and behavioral problems.

Specifically, SAEBRS evaluates general behavior, social, emotional, and academic behaviors. The SAEBRS is designed for use across grades K-12.

Reports provide teachers with information on whether individual students are at-risk for academic, social, and/or emotional behaviors. When SAEBRS is used to screen students across a class or grade level, the group reports help identify trends that may need class-wide or school-wide intervention and support.

More to come: The release of SAEBRS for screening will be followed by additional tools for monitoring progress and more.

The team at FastBridge is excited to bring educators the latest efficient, effective tools for addressing student needs from both an academic and social-emotional perspectives.

Update (2019): Learn more about our behavior assessments here.

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