Top Product Enhancements for the New School Year: Measuring Reading Comprehension

We’ve had a busy summer, and we can’t wait to show you all of the enhancements to FastBridge Learning’s products that will be at your doorstep just in time for the new school year!

Last week we shared our new reading automaticity assessmentAUTOreading. Today, we’ll look at quick look at the comprehension measure being added to our CBMreading suite of assessments: CBMcomprehension.

We are excited to bring a suite of tools that also include a substantial comprehension component—all in an online delivery format. The CBMcomprehension measure will help teachers determine whether students understand what is read after completing a CBMreading (oral reading) assessment. In addition, the following AUTOreading measures explore critical aspects of reading comprehension:

  • Word Morphology: A morpheme is the smallest unit of meaningful language. This measure determines students’ knowledge of meaningful word structures, which is a critical prerequisite skill to understanding what one reads.
  • Matching Synonyms: This brief measure will help teachers determine students’ abilities to discriminate between words with similar meanings
  • Vocabulary Word Definitions: The extent to which a student has knowledge of words used in multiple contexts is an important indicator of overall comprehension.  This measure taps these skills in a brief, online format.

Now Available! Comprehension Efficiency

This tool has received significant “buzz” and excitement among the research and education communities.  A first of its kind, this tool helps teachers determine students’ abilities to accurately remember, infer, and summarize information during and after reading a passage, assessing the following skills:

  • Dynamic comprehension
  • Active comprehension
  • Comprehension efficiency
  • Inferential Comprehension

There is still more to come from FastBridge Learning this fall, so be sure to check back. Want to learn more about how FastBridge Learning can partner with your district?

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