On-Demand Webinar: Using Social-Emotional and Behavioral Assessments to Support MTSS

Educators, students and their families are dealing with high levels of stress and uncertainty due to school closures and other impacts of coronavirus. When students return to the classroom, educators will need to be more aware than ever of how students’ academic performance may be affected by their emotions.

In this recorded webinar, learn how social-emotional behavior (SEB) assessments can help educators identify the right interventions within a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework. Dr. Stephen Kilgus, Associate Professor of School Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Dr. Patti Wilson, RTI2 Coordinator at Clarksville-Montgomery County School System (TN), share:

  • How PBIS and SEB fit within MTSS and work together to support students’ broader mental health 
  • How SEB screening and progress monitoring can facilitate overall MTSS efforts to improve student achievement
  • Specific measures that can be used as the foundation of SEB assessment
  • How combined academic and SEB data can better inform instruction and interventions from a first-hand account of how Clarksville-Montgomery County School System has integrated SEB assessments into their MTSS

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